Blanch Tomatoes


Blanching tomatoes – There are many recipes that require skinned tomatoes. There is a quick way to peel off the skin & prepare the pulp. Make sure to select ripe & firm tomatoes to blanch. Do not use tomatoes having soft spot, as it will be difficult to peel off the skin.

Mostly, blanched tomatoes are required for preparation of soups or sauces. I will be sharing the soup & sauce recipes, which requires blanched tomatoes like simple tomato soup.

Similar technique is used to blanch other vegetables, where it is required to store them for longer duration. After blanching, you can store the vegetables in a zip lock bag in a freezer for several weeks.

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Details about blanching tomatoes

  • Serving – 4 people (soup)
  • Cuisine – Global
  • Course – How to
  • Time – 10 minutes

Ingredients for blanching tomatoes

  • 6 tomatoes
  • Water as required

Steps to blanch tomatoes

  • At the bottom of the tomatoes, make an X with a sharp knife.
Blanch Tomatoes
How to blanch tomatoes
  • Bring water to boil in a pot. Make sure there is enough water in a pot to cover the tomatoes. About 2 inches above the tomatoes.
  • Drop the tomatoes in the boiling water.
  • Keep a pot of ice water ready to drop the hot tomatoes.
  • Let them boil for 1 minute.
  • Immediately transfer these tomatoes in ice cold water, so that the cooking process is stopped. We do not want to cook the tomatoes here.
  • You will see the peel coming off the body when tomatoes are in ice cold water.
  • Pick the tomatoes one by one & start peeling from where you have cut an X on it.
  • Remove the core from the tomato & you have your tomato blanched & peeled for preparation of soup or sauce.


  • Keep the ice cold water ready, before dropping the tomatoes in boiling water.
  • User ripe & firm tomatoes for blanching.
  • Do not overcook the tomatoes in boiling water.
Blanched tomatoes
How to Blanch tomatoes

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