Hard Boiled Egg


Hard boiled egg – It is base of many dishes like egg curry, egg salad. For a seasoned cook, cooking hard boiled egg is an easy task, but everyone must have messed up with this, early on. By testing numerous times, I have come to a perfect time for boiling egg, so that they don’t crack in water & easier to peel.If you boil the egg in water for longer time, sometimes the egg shell cracks, they become difficult to peel & the yolk becomes grayish-green, which does not look good and taste as well.

If egg is boiled for less time, the yolk stays very runny & white part remain slimy, which messes up the dish, for which egg will be used. Hard boiled egg can also be used as a quick snack sprinkled with some salt & pepper, where the time is short

Select the eggs which are not fresh. Preferably, use eggs stored in refrigerator. These eggs will be easy to peel off. Also, for easy peeling, add some salt to water used for boiling. Salt also prevents breakage of eggs during boiling.

Boiled eggs can be used in many recipes which I will be sharing with you guys, like egg ghotala recipe.

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Hard boiled egg
How to prepare hard boiled egg


Serving – 2
Course – Breakfast
Cuisine – International
Cook time – 20 minutes

Ingredients to make hard boiled eggs

  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • Water

 Steps to make hard boiled eggs

  • Take 4 eggs and lay them in the saucepan. Make sure they are not crowded
  • Pour water in the saucepan till it reaches 1-2 inches above the egg level
  • Add 1 tsp of salt into water & start off the gas to boil the water
  • Once the water starts to boil, lower the flame & let the water simmer for around 10 minutes
  • Remove the pan from gas & let it cool off for around 5 minutes
  • Drain the warm water & fill the pan with cool water
  • Once the eggs are cool enough to handle, start peeling


  • Use old eggs, as they are easier to peel
  • Add some salt as it prevents breakage of egg shells while boiling

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