Peanut Chaat


Peanut Chaat – Follow the below steps to prepare tasty & tangy peanut chaat. This can be served with tea or coffee as a evening snack. It is a light snack which is easily prepared in quick time & can keep hunger away till the dinner time. This recipe does not need any ingredients which cannot be found at home at any time, so it is a perfect snack which can be prepared in minutes, without any effort.

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Peanut Chaat
How to make peanut chaat

Details about Peanut Chaat

  • Serving – 2 people
  • Cuisine – Indian
  • Course – Snack
  • Time to prepare – 10 minutes

Ingredients for peanut chaat

  • 2 cups salted peanuts
  • 2 green chilies finely cut
  • 1 small size onion (1/2 cup finely cut)
  • 1/3 cup sev
  • 1/3 cup masala chana dal
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. chaat masala
  • Salt to taste

Steps to prepare peanut chaat

  • Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. (2 cups salted peanuts, 2 green chilies, 1 small onion, 1/3 cup sev, 1/3 cup masala chana dal, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp. chaat masala & salt)
  • Mix everything together very well.
  • Taste for salt & adjust accordingly.
  • Serve as a evening snack.


  • Please be careful while adding salt as the peanuts we are using in this recipe are salted. So before adding salt, please check for taste.
  • Remove the peanut skin, if you do not like it. I have removed it while making this chaat, however the peanut skin contains abundant amount of natural antioxidants and a high content of dietary fibre. So it is your decision to keep the skin on or not.
  • Adjust the spice as per your taste.
  • You can adjust the peanut, sev, masala chana dal ratio as per you preference.

    Peanut Chaat
    How to make Peanut Chaat

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